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A Salute to Black History (list of Collages, calendar and countless Biographies and websites:
Black Media personalities and conscience websites
  Tom Joyner: www.tomjoyner.com
  News, Politics and Opinions: www.netnoir.com
  Black Voices: www.blackvoices.com
  Essence Magazine: www.essence.com
  Vibe Magazine: www.vibe.com
  Black Enterprise: www.blackenterprise.com
  Ebony Magazine: www.ebonymag.com
  Afro (History, Community, News): www.afroam.org
  Urban Sports Network: www.urbansportsnetwork.com
  Bill McCreary Online: www.billmccreary.com
  Black Collegian Online: www.black-collegian.com
  Black Facts Online: www.blackfacts.com
  Black Literary: www.mosaicbooks.com
  Black World: www.Blackworld.com
  Business Opportunities: www.wibo.org
  Everything Black: www.everythingblack.com
  Funkjazz Kafe: www.funkjazzkafe.com
  Natl Asso. Black Scuba Divers: www.nabsdivers.org
  Natl Assoc Market Dev: www.namdntl.org
  Natl Black Skiers Organization: www.nbs.org
  Network journal: www.tnj.com